Azure News 2016 – Week 28

Previous News This weeks Azure updates & news. This time around the big news is WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) in Toronto Canada where most announcements occurred. WPC Day 1 Announcements WPC Day 2 Announcements WPC Day 3 Announcements Next year WPC will be in Washington DC. Don’t forget, Azure news can also be heard on the…


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Azure Stack Vs Azure Public | Event

Last night myself and Steve Hosking at Vigilant IT did a presentation of Azure Stack Vs Azure Public in Sydney. All based around Azure Stack TP1 (Technical Preview 1) from what we know now….. This was all based around the announcement that came out the same day about the release of Azure Stack Had a great…


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Azure Stack Overview

Why Azure Stack? I can tell you some very good reasons, apart from more control at the provider side by the possibilities of offering an SLA on a single virtual machine ironing out the Upgrade Domain, there’s also the real use case of ease of setup by letting a glorified PowerShell script written by Microsoft…


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Surface Pro 4 external display

I am writing this blog post because I like many others have had massive problems with the high DPI / high resolution of the Surface Pro 4. The issues were with various external monitors which didn’t have as high as resolution as the Surface. The problems being: Scaling (where it scales programs to various sizes)…


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Azure News 2016 – Week 26

Previous News | Next News This weeks Azure updates & news. This time around the big news is more competition in the IT market for end customers with more CSP. Don’t forget, Azure news can also be heard on the ‘Need to Know‘ podcast with Robert Crane and myself. Here is the audio only version of this…


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Microsoft Azure Information Protection

On June 22 Microsoft announced the new Azure Information Protection, which is basically an upgrade of the existing Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) by adding the functionality of Secure Islands which Microsoft aquired late last year. Companies and business historically have a logical perimeter, that perimeter contained the majority of business activity and IT services were accessed…

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Azure Billing – PowerShell

Billing in Azure can be a beast to get your head around. But the new billing API that was announced last year by Scott Guthrie makes it easy to export the billing information to a .CSV file, where you can massage it in Excel and make it look pretty. There’s two parts to it, the…

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