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Azure News 2017 – Week 32

Azure news below from the latest Need to Know podcast, episode 160. Announcing the new and improved Azure Log Analytics The Azure Log Analytics service is rolling out an upgrade to existing customers – offering powerful search, smart analytics and even deeper insights. This upgrade provides an interactive query language and an advanced analytics portal,…

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SendGrid email using PowerShell

Have you ever wanted to automate sending email to anywhere via your SendGrid account? Maybe you have moved to the Office 365 and now that you don’t have an Exchange server on-prem anymore, you don’t have the luxury to use your own Exchange server as an SMTP server. You can’t use Office 365 Exchange Online as…

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Scheduled Task to run as any User

The following script will setup a scheduled task to run as any user by running the task as the ‘Users’ group. Please note, this is using the .Net method of creating the task, as there’s more options using the .Net method rather than using the PowerShell cmdlet: New-ScheduledTask The information to help build the below…

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