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SendGrid email using PowerShell

Have you ever wanted to automate sending email to anywhere via your SendGrid account? Maybe you have moved to the Office 365 and now that you don’t have an Exchange server on-prem anymore, you don’t have the luxury to use your own Exchange server as an SMTP server. You can’t use Office 365 Exchange Online as…

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Scheduled Task to run as any User

The following script will setup a scheduled task to run as any user by running the task as the ‘Users’ group. Please note, this is using the .Net method of creating the task, as there’s more options using the .Net method rather than using the PowerShell cmdlet: New-ScheduledTask The information to help build the below…

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SSPR (Self Service Password Reset), SSPC (Self-service password change) and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) are all features of AAD (Azure AD). Both MFA and SSPC are part of Azure AD Premium P1 & P2 editions as explained here. SSPR however requires Azure AD Premium or Basic explained here. First things first, follow the requirements listed here for AD Connect.…

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