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Azure Resource Groups – NSGs

This post is part 2 of a small series and stems from this post This post discussed Azure Resource Groups and splitting all IaaS Azure resources across multiple Azure Resource Groups for an easy way to delete targeted resources and easy of delegating admin. This post focuses on NSGs (Network Security Groups). A quick re-cap, with…

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Azure VM (ASM 2 ARM) migration tool

During my travels in my in-depth work with Microsoft Azure and dealings with the fabulous rhipe partners, I have seen a much needed gap in the Azure market and developed a tool completely based on PowerShell over 700 lines long to help Azure customers move / migrate virtual machines effortlessly, seamlessly and painlessly from Azure’s old…

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Remote PowerShell / WinRM

There’s a lot of articles online how to setup remote PowerShell or how to configure remote PowerShell. I have found that all articles on how to setup remote PowerShell are not all complete. As in there’s some information there, different parts of information all over the place across different posts and not in the complete…

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