Azure Site Recovery Demo – (ARM)

This is a demo I did with ARM (Azure Resource Manager) based Azure Site Recovery.

Azure Site Recovery has been around for a while in the old area of Azure – ASM (Azure Service Management), or the ‘classic’ portal, which ever you want to call it.

With Site Recovery, it has two uses, firstly it’s a DR/BC tool that allows for test and un-planned failovers of VM workloads. The other major selling point of Azure Site Recovery is it’s ability to migrate existing servers, any physical and any virtual servers to Azure.  The best part is it’s completely FREE (up to 31 days)

The major change with ASR on ARM is the fact that it is more streamlined and more simplified. The biggest change is that there is now a unified setup merging all the roles (Process/Config/Master Target) into a single install.

My two-part demo of ARM based Azure Site Recovery focuses on moving workloads from VMware.

Part 1 of my demo video focuses on setting up ASR, protecting VMware VMs:

Part 2 of my demo video focuses on failing over VMs to Azure and the various options for network IP addresses:

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