Scheduled Task to run as any User

The following script will setup a scheduled task to run as any user by running the task as the ‘Users’ group.

Please note, this is using the .Net method of creating the task, as there’s more options using the .Net method rather than using the PowerShell cmdlet:


The information to help build the below PowerShell script was taken from the website which covers all the information you need

# This will create a scheduled task which will run a UserLogonScript for any user that logs on changing the regional settings for the user to Australia.
$ShedService = New-Object comobject 'Schedule.Service'
$Task = $ShedService.NewTask(0)
$Task.RegistrationInfo.Description = 'UserLogonScript'
$Task.Settings.Enabled = $true
$Task.Settings.AllowDemandStart = $true
$trigger = $task.triggers.Create(9)
$trigger.Enabled = $true
$action = $Task.Actions.Create(0)
$action.Path = 'PowerShell.exe'
$action.Arguments = '-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -File c:\UserLogonScript.ps1'
# $action.WorkingDirectory = ''
$taskFolder = $ShedService.GetFolder("\")
$taskFolder.RegisterTaskDefinition('UserLogonScript', $Task , 6, 'Users', $null, 4)

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