Azure News 2017 – Week 24

Azure News as heard on the Need to Know podcast. Episode 155 with both Rob and myself.

Public preview of disaster recovery for Azure IaaS virtual machines

You can now easily replicate and protect IaaS based applications running on Azure to a different Azure region of your choice within a geographical cluster without deploying any additional infrastructure components or software appliances in your subscription.

Geographic cluster Azure regions
America Canada East, Canada Central, South Central US, West Central US, East US, East US 2, West US, West US 2, Central US, North Central US
Europe UK West, UK South, North Europe, West Europe
Asia South India, Central India, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Japan East, Japan West
Australia Australia East, Australia Southeast

This new capability, along with Azure Backup for IaaS virtual machines, allows you to create a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery strategy for all your IaaS based applications running on Azure.

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We’ve made the Azure AD App Proxy even better!

In case you don’t know, Azure AD Application Proxy is like the cloud replacement for TMG server. Azure AD Application Proxy helps you support remote workers by publishing on-premises applications to be accessed over the internet. You can publish applications that are running on your local network and provide secure remote access from outside your network.

New changes announced:

  • You can now deploy Azure AD Application Proxy by opening only two standard outbound ports: 443 and 80.
  • You can now also use Azure AD Application Proxy with applications that take up to 180 seconds to respond to a request.

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Microsoft Summit

The Microsoft Summit happens in Sydney 14-17 November at the new International Convention Centre (ICC) aimed at all BDM customers, partners, IT pros and developers.

The Microsoft Summit will be broken up into 3 events across 4 days.

  • Microsoft Business Summit, 14 November – This day is targeted at commercial and public sector customers and prospects in C-Suite and BDM roles across industries. An opening keynote by the partner and tech community and a world-class line up of speakers.
  • Microsoft Partner Summit, 14-15 November This is the evolution of the Australian Partner Conference, there will not be an Australian Partner Conference event in Q1 FY18. The Partner Summit will be everything partners loved about APC and more. Partners will join customers at the opening keynote and will benefit from being able to tailor a program across leadership, sales and marketing tracks. It will remain a deep learning and structured networking experience with actionable outcomes for growth and transformation.
  • Microsoft Tech Summit, 16-17 November is aimed at IT pros and developers, this event is run thanks to the team from Microsoft Corporate as part of a world tour. It will have an amazing line-up of engineers and experts across our cloud technologies with focus to Azure, Windows 10 and Office 365. It will be two days of technical training up to level 400. The Microsoft Tech Summit is a new flagship event in Australia for technical audiences.

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Microsoft Build Tour 2017

The Microsoft Build Tour 2017 is coming to cities around the globe this June! The Microsoft Build Tour is an excellent way to experience Microsoft Build news first-hand, and also work directly with Microsoft teams from Redmond and your local area.

The Build Tour is coming to Sydney on June 29-30.

It is for all developers using the Microsoft platform and tools. We will cover a breadth of topics across Windows, Cloud, AI, and cross-platform development. We will look at the latest news around .NET, web apps, the Universal Windows Platform, Win32 apps, Mixed Reality, Visual Studio, Xamarin, Microsoft Azure, Cognitive services, and much more.

More Info.

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