Azure Virtual Datacenter and the Enterprise Control Plane

Microsoft is expanding on the Azure Virtual Datacenter Concepts eBook with more content and artifacts.

The new VDC portal is on the Azure Architecture Center portal:

Azure Virtual Datacenter is an approach to making the most of the Azure cloud platform’s capabilities while respecting your existing security and networking policies. When deploying enterprise workloads to the cloud, IT organisations and business units must balance governance with developer agility. Azure Virtual Datacenter provides models to achieve this balance with an emphasis on governance.

  1. Azure Virtual Datacenter: Concepts – This is the original eBook. It shows you how to deploy enterprise workloads to the Azure cloud platform, while respecting your existing security and networking policies.
  2. Azure Virtual Datacenter: A Network Perspective – This online article provides an overview of networking patterns and designs that can be used to solve the architectural scale, performance, and security concerns that many customers face when thinking about moving en masse to the cloud.
  3. NEWAzure Virtual Datacenter: Lift and Shift Guide – This whitepaper discusses the process that enterprise IT staff and decision makers can use to identify and plan the migration of applications and servers to Azure using the lift and shift method, minimizing any additional development costs while optimizing cloud hosting options.
  4. NEWAzure Virtual Datacenter: Presentation Deck – This presentation deck explores the Azure Virtual Datacenter guidance and tools. It covers the VDC goals, customer drivers, Azure Regions, the elements of a VDC automation, industrialised and trusted Azure VDCs, and it ends with an action plan around CIO guidance. Support and training information is also provided.

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