Latency between Azure & AWS within region

Testing latency between Azure & AWS in the same region. Imagine you had a customer with workloads in AWS and workloads in Azure. This test was assuming the front-end workloads in Azure would connect to back-end workloads in AWS. The big question what would be the latency.

To start with, let’s start with the general web speed tests from each public cloud provider to level set.

Web Browser Speed Tests

Tests results from both Azure & AWS using the browser and the popular speed test websites.

Comparing apples with apples, using the Telstra Sydney speed test server for both.




speedtestaws knows the client is in Sydney, however the server is in the US.





PSPing (TCP)

Ok, now a proper test, a client/server test using TCP. Part of PSTools from Mark Russinovich, I am using the popular PSPing utility for a good TCP reliable test. From the AWS VM, I ran the following:

PSPing Server

Setup the server side in AWS – have it listening on a port of your choice, e.g. TCP port 81, you’ll have to allow this through as an AWS ACL. Note, the IP address used here is the internal RFC1918 IP address assigned to the VM.

psping64 -4 -f -s

PSPing Client

For the client side, you simply run the test twice from an Azure IaaS VM. One test for receive (from AWS) and one test for send (to AWS). From the Azure VM, I ran the following:


psping64 -4 -t

The results listed below:



psping64 -4 -r -t

(using -r for receive) The results listed below:


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