SAP on Azure demystified whiteboarding video

In case you missed the others in the series:

This next one focuses on the large ticket item, SAP on Azure. I’m joined by Etienne Dittrich from Microsoft who takes us through in a clean and concise way.

We cover off the following:

  • Why should I care about SAP HANA
  • SAP on Azure
    • SAP on Azure IaaS
    • SAP Large Instances (Physical)
  • SAP Infrastructure on Azure
  • SAP Resiliency
  • Linux Clustering – Pacemaker clusters
  • Azure NetApp Files & SAP


ABAPAdvanced Business Application Programming
ASApplications Servers
ASCSABAP SAP Central Service
HANAHigh Performance ANalytic Appliance
HECHANA Enterprise Cloud
RHELRed Hat Enterprise Linux
SLESSUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SUSESoftware- und System-Entwicklung (Software and Systems Development)

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