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Windows 10 Adaptive Contrast

Have you ever experienced the contrast/brightness of the screen in Windows 10 change dynamically between applications? Especially switching from high white contrast apps like a web browser to a dark contrast application like VS Code for example? It’s pretty annoying. I have a Surface Pro 6 and its fairly off putting.  It’s different to this…

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ExpertsLive 2017 – Melbourne

I just got back from ExpertsLive 2017 in Melbourne hosted at the Crown Promenade. It was a great turn out with lots of great presenters including myself – I did a session on Operations Management Suite titled: “OMS is your best friend” and I’ll update this post later which will include a recording of this…

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Surface Pro 4 external display

I am writing this blog post because I like many others have had massive problems with the high DPI / high resolution of the Surface Pro 4. The issues were with various external monitors which didn’t have as high as resolution as the Surface. The problems being: Scaling (where it scales programs to various sizes)…

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