X-Lite Dial Plan

I had a problem where in imported all my contacts from Outlook to Counterpath’s X-Lite, however all of my numbers had +61 before the number, and all my calls were failing. Network error etc etc. My dial plan originally was:


This was default, so I changed it to add in another match, see below:


What the above dial plan does using a second match, detects a number being dialled with a +61 before the number, then pre strips the first 3 numbers and also adds a 0, so in essence a number +614017891234 will have the first 3 numbers striped which will be 4017891234, then have a 0 added, which would be 04017891234. Do you sort of understand the way dial plans work now? Each match at the beginning of the string is separated by a | symbol.

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