Microsoft Network Monitor Tool

  1. Download Microsoft Network Monitor Tool from the following link and install it on the client.
  2. Start Network Monitor at Start -> Program -> Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 -> Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 on the client.
  3. On the left-panel, check the LAN connection and unchecked the other unnecessary connections on the client.
  4. Click Tools, click Options, switch to the Capture tap, and set the Temporary capture file size (MB) to 200 on the client.
  5. Click Create a new capture tap, click Start on the Capture menu in the Network Monitor window.
  1. After you have captured what you need, click Stop on the Capture menu on the client, and click File->Save as to save the captured files.
  2. Collect MPS report log on the client. To do this,
  3. Download Microsoft Product Support Reports tool from the following link, according to your system architecture.
  4. Right click on downloaded mpsreports_x86.exe or mpsreports_x64.exe, and choose Run as Administrator.
  5. Agree the License Agreement, and choose This Computer.
  6. Select General, Internet and Networking, Business Networks, Server Components, and click Next.
  7. After finishing collecting logs, please choose Save the result to save it to a .CAB file.


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