#AzureAD Pass-Through Authentication and Seamless Single Sign-on | UX

My original post walked you through setting up Pass-Through Authentication & Seamless Single Sign-On.

However, the following short video will walk you through the user experience after implementing and deploying #AzureAD Pass-Through Authentication and Seamless Single Sign-on.


  1. Hey Marc, I like this new way of sync to O365, but while I was watching your video, a question hit my head. In your video, you’re showing a computer that is domain joined, it is right? But, what happens if you’re trying to connect to O365 services through a device that it is not domain joined? For example, a mobile phone, do i need to enter the credentials each time I want to access to the service or this kind of authentication gives me a token like in ADFS? This behaviour worries me a lot before to implement it in my environment. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Marc,
    Thank you for this excellent article. I note that in the Microsoft article on this topic that it states this also supports “Office clients that support modern authentication”. Did you test this aspect of AzureAD Pass-Through Authentication and Seamless Single Sign-on, and what is the user experience. At the moment, post logon to Windows 10 I have to separately log into Outlook 2016, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business etc (i.e. clients which support modern authentication. How does Seamless SSO affect these client experience.
    Keep up the good work,

    Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On

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