Azure News 2016 – Week 50

This week’s Azure news as heard on the Need to Know podcast.

Microsoft Stream

It’s a video portal which can be setup in minutes to share videos with a YouTube like experience, but with the added advantage of using security. While YouTube is great to get videos out to market, Microsoft Stream takes it one step further with fine grained security, you can share videos with the entire company, specific users or groups of users by using AD groups. Microsoft Stream also indexes the audio, it has full text search of all company videos.

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OMS Gateway is now GA

Essentially this is another way – on top of the other many ways – that you can send telemetry data to OMS. Any machines that are not connected to the internet, they can be configured to send their data via another server on the network which acts as a gateway.

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Docker for Azure now available in public beta

  • All container logs are stored in an Azure storage account for later retrieval and inspection. You no longer have to rummage around on hosts to find the error you’re looking for or worry that logs are lost if a worker is replaced.
  • Built-in diagnose tool lets you submit a swarm-wide diagnostic dump to Docker so that Docker can help diagnose and troubleshoot a misbehaving Docker for Azure swarm.
  • Improved upgrade stability so that you can confidently upgrade Docker for Azure to the latest version

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StorSimple as a backup target

The announcement says that backup-to-disk workloads will be supported on StorSimple 8000 Series devices running Update 3 or later. They have introduced a new backup mode that tunes and enables the device to be used as a backup-to-disk target. Why? Typically, more than 95% of restores are served from the last 7 days of backups. The way StorSimple works, the most recently written backup will remain on the device’s local storage capacity, while the older, archival-class backups tier out to cloud storage

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Satya Nadella joined other tech leaders catch up with Donald Trump

After introductions around the table, Donald Trump genuinely said that he wanted to help all the tech leaders do well, he said they’re doing well right now, he’s very honored by the bounce on the stock market and will try and have the bounce continue. He said he wants them all to keep going with the incredible innovation, there’s nobody like them in the world, nobody like the people in this room. He said anything we can do to help this go along, we’ll be there for you, you call my people, you call me, it doesn’t make any difference, there’s no formal chain of command. He mentioned they’re going to do fair trade deals to make it a lot easier to trade across borders.

  • Elon Musk (CEO, Tesla) $11.5 billion
  • Tim Cook (CEO, Apple) $503 million

  • Larry Page (CEO, Alphabet) $40.7 billion

  • Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman, Alphabet) 11.5 billion

  • Jeff Bezos (CEO, Amazon) 66.9 billion

  • Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook) $1.27 billion

  • Safra Catz (CEO, Oracle) $525 million

  • Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) $84 million

  • Brian Krzanich (CEO, Intel) $14.6 million

  • Chuck Robbins (CEO, Cisco) $17 million (base yearly salary)

  • Ginni Rometty (CEO, IBM) $45 million

  • Peter Thiel (PayPal founder) $2.7 billion

  • Donald Trump (president-elect) 3.7 billion


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AzureAD Certificate Based Authentication is Generally Available

This enables users to be authenticated by Azure AD with a client certificate on an Android or iOS device when connecting to Office applications such as Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Office, Yammer or Skype for Business.

All certificates authority’s (root certificate authority or any intermediate certificate authorities) must be configured in Azure Active Directory.

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