Azure Migrate Deep Discovery

The following will show you the step-by-step setup for Azure Migrate Deep Discovery, installing both the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (OMS / SCOM) and the Dependency Agent (Service Map / Wire Data).

Azure Migrate has two types of discovery that logically runs in order, 1) a Light Discovery (agentless) which leverages the VMware inventory, and 2) a Deep Discovery (agent based).

This guide assumes you have already completed the Light Discovery.

  1. In the Azure portal – the very top, search for Azure Migrate or Migration Projects.


  2. Go to your Migration Project > click on Machines > in the dependencies column, click on one of the links ‘Requires agent installation‘.


  3. Follow the steps as per the below screenshot:
    1. Install the MMA Agent first
    2. Install the Dependency Agent second

If you have machines with no internet connectivity to OMS, you need to download and install OMS gateway.


You need to use the OMS workspace ID specified here, otherwise things won’t be free, such as Service Map for example.

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